Solid solution treatment of stainless steel pipe

The use of stainless steel pipe is now more and more widespread, due to its good anti-corrosion properties in engineering construction plays a vital role in the production process we need to solution treatment of stainless steel pipe, the main purpose is to obtain a certain amount of martensite to increase the hardness of the product, the following we look at the solution treatment of stainless steel pipe.

(1) intermediate aging method in solution treatment after reheating to (760 ± 15) ℃, holding 90min because of the Cr23C6 carbide precipitation from austenite, reducing the carbon and alloy element content in austenite 904L stainless steel pipe, so that Ms point rose to 70 ℃ and then cooled to room temperature will obtain martensite + α ferrite + residual austenite organization, residual austenite in the subsequent aging at 510 ℃ before decomposition is completed.

(2) high-temperature adjustment and deep cooling treatment method after solid solution line first heated to 950 ℃ insulation 90min, due to the elevated Ms point, cooling to room temperature can be obtained a small amount of martensite; after another -70 ℃ cold treatment insulation 8h can be obtained a certain number of martensite.
(3) cold deformation method after solid solution treatment, cold deformation at room temperature, cold deformation of 904L seamless tube to form the number of martensite with the amount of deformation and 904L stainless steel tube composition.
The above three methods are commonly used in the solid solution treatment of stainless steel tubes hope to bring help you.


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