Common Sense Of Stainless Steel Tube

What is the difference between the process of stainless steel square tube and round tube

Common Sense Of Stainless Steel Tube (1)
Common Sense Of Stainless Steel Tube
Common Sense Of Stainless Steel Tube (3)

There is basically no difference, except that Mr. Wang produces round tubes and then presses out finished square tubes with a mold.

What is the stainless steel pipe mold fee

The stainless steel pipe mold fee is used for the cost caused by the customer’s need for pipes with special specifications. The main reason is that the factory doesn’t have relevant molds, so it can’t produce products with this specification. Therefore, it needs this money to buy molds, so that we can produce them.

What do you mean delivery by actual weight

Since the total amount is calculated according to the theoretical weight when the contract is signed, there will be a discrepancy between the actual weight and the theoretical weight when the settlement is based on the weight, so the total amount should also be settled according to the actual weight to avoid disputes.

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How is the theoretical weight calculated

(outer diameter – wall thickness) × wall thickness ×0.02491 = kg/m(suitable for 301, 304, 321 and other chromium nickel stainless steel)

(outer diameter – wall thickness) × wall thickness ×0.02507 = kg/m(suitable for 316, 316L and other chromium nickel molybdenum stainless steel)

Is stainless steel magnetic

In theory, austenitic stainless steel is not magnetic, martensite and ferritic stainless steel will be magnetic.

Advantages of stainless steel tubes over other materials

The main advantages of stainless steel are common corrosion resistance, beautiful materials, relatively cheap price.

Stainless steel pipe surface has what several states

There are polishing, pickling, sandblasting and other states.

Why does uneven wall thickness occur

This is because the pipe cannot be perfectly round due to the existence of errors, which means that there is uneven wall thickness, which is allowed as long as it is within the tolerance range.

What is eccentricity

Eccentricity should be said to be a severe wall thickness imbalance, so that the center of the circle appears to shift.

What is ellipticity

In the cross section of the circular steel pipe, there is the phenomenon of unequal outer diameters, that is, there are the maximum and minimum outer diameters that are not necessarily perpendicular to each other, and the difference between the maximum and minimum outer diameters is the ellipticity.

What is curvature

The steel pipe is curvilinear in the direction of length, and its curvilinear degree is denoted by numbers.

What is levelness

Refers to the steel pipe on the horizontal surface there is a gap, with the number expressed is the levelness.

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Seamless pipe and stainless steel welded pipe difference

The difference comes from the different production technology. The raw material of seamless pipe is tube billet, which is directly perforated by steel ingot, while the raw material of welded pipe is steel plate or steel coil, which is formed by welding them.


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